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Specialization and Specialty Services


Howell Landscape specializes in numerous areas. Below you will find descriptions and links to web pages on our various specializations.

New Home Developments Landscaping
New home developments allow the home owner to often start with a 'blank canvas'. Howell Landscape will install your custom yard(s).
Xeroscape Landscaping
Xeroscape is landscaping designed for low water usage with drought-tolerant plants and drip systems.
California Native Plant Specialist
Howell Landscape knows what plants will grow well in your partcular region. There are an array of plants that are native to California and also your specific area. We'll help you select the right plants.
Landscape Renovation
If you have an older home with established plants, we can replace plants or add new ones to the existing yard.
Plant Material Expertise
Howell Landscape knows all about what plants and species will thrive in your yard. Howell Landscape looks at your region and then can recommend or select the best plant material to be used in your yard.
Oriental-Style Pruning Specialist
Howell Landscape specializes in oreiental-style pruning and other landscape techniques.
Japanese Gardening Specialist
Virtually any tree, including Pines, can be pruned in what is thought of as the Japanese style. Howell Landscape specializes in creating Japanese gardens and pruning of plant material in the Japanese-style.
Perrenial Garden Specialist
Perrenial gardens in California have an exceptional beauty. We have knowledge and expertise in the area of perrial gardening.



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