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Japanese Gardening Specialist

The pines in Japanese Gardens are pruned to create a desired image, a hint of places you might wish to be. Random elements are removed and harmonious ones are created or retained. You begin by assessing the type of landscape you have or wish to have and create a design to fit that situation. Elements to consider include the species of tree, the establishment of trunk lines and branch structure, the position and a whole host of others.

Virtually any tree, including Pines, can be pruned in what is thought of as the Japanese style. Traditional landscapes in Japan have often been regarded as having masculine or feminine characteristics. The 'masculine' landscapes are exposed, rugged areas where the trees feature angular movement, rough bark and sparse foliage. 'Feminine' landscapes are more sheltered, have smoother bark, gentler movement and more lush foliage. Most landscapes and trees have a combination of these characteristics.

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