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Outdoor Lighting

Illuminate tall trees or achieve dramatic effects on shrubbery and garden areas.

Low-voltage outdoor lighting is used for lighting pathways, steps, driveways, around pools and anywhere you want to highlight or accentuate.

Advantages to Outdoor Landscape Lighting Enjoy Your Yard Anytime:

Landscape lighting makes outdoor spaces inviting long after the sun has gone down. The beauty of flowers and landscape plantings can be enjoyed in the dark hours after a busy family has returned from work. Outdoor lighting makes nighttime activities and outdoor entertaining possible.

Security: Outdoor lighting is a proven way to protect your property from criminals. Well lit landscapes are a deterrent to prowlers, protecting both the property and its occupants.

Safety: The careful illumination of decks, steps, walkways, and other areas will allow you and your invited guests to move safely from area to area without blinding glare or impenetrable shadows.

Dramatic Effects: With today's custom designed fixtures and state-of-the art lamps, dramatic lighting effects can be achieved in the simplest of residential or commercial landscapes. Because the fixtures are easily concealed in the landscape, they enhance rather than detract from the surroundings.

Economy: Complete 12 volt systems can be operated for pennies a night, a welcome alternative to the harsh glare of high-wattage floodlights or the expense of a porch lamp that's left on for days.

An Upgrade to Your Property: A custom designed landscape lighting system is an investment in your property that will enhance your landscaping and improve your home's curb appeal. All of the professional-grade system components are constructed to provide years of reliable service.

Landscape Lighting 'Frequently Asked Questions' (FAQs)

Outdoor lighting is becoming one of the most popularly requested landscape amenities to enhance the beauty, safety and security of residential and commercial properties.

This section presents information on Frequently Asked Questions about Landscape Lighting systems.

1) Q: I have some prized plants in my backyard that I am interested in highlighting with landscape lighting, but I am worried about the appearance of the fixtures in the daytime. Is there something that will accomplish the task without having big floodlight bulbs visible?

A: There is a wide range of fixtures available for highlighting or accenting specific plants. Most are very small in size, and some even will mount below ground for complete invisibility.

2) Q: How are landscape lighting systems controlled? Do I have to be at home to turn it on? Is there a timer?

A: Landscape lighting systems can be controlled in several different ways. Photocells detect when the sun has set and turn the system on, and then turn it off when the sunrises. (On at dusk, off at dawn).

Timers allow you to program when you want the lights to come on and when you want them to go off, for as many cycles per night as necessary. There is even a version of timer that varies the on and off times slightly to make it look like the system is being activated by a person, even when you're away.

Photocells and timers can also be used in tandem, for example to turn the system on at dusk and to turn it off at a prescribed hour.

3) Q: What does landscape lighting cost to operate?

A: The typical landscape lighting system costs pennies a night to operate. If you’re already making use of a porch light or spotlights on a back patio, you’ll be able to switch them off and enjoy the beauty and savings of low-voltage lighting.

4) Q: My landscape plantings were just installed. Will I have to put in new landscape lighting when the plants mature?

A: 12 volt lighting is very flexible in its design allowing the easy movement or re-adjustment of fixtures as a landscape matures without significant labor or expense.

5) Q: What’s the best way to light a waterfall and an ornamental fish pond?

A: From underwater! There are a number of low-voltage fixtures that can be completely submerged in your pond or fountain to light falling water from behind and below. They will add depth and dimension to the plants and animals living in any water garden.

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